Schedule: Tower Terrace Road (C ave. to Alburnett Rd.)

Project Timeline 


Based on the preliminary design presented in 2015, project benchmarks over the next several years were established.


The tentative project schedule is stated below. The schedule remains subject to change. CLICK HERE to receive project updates as more information becomes available. Please note, this project timeline is for Tower Terrace Road from C Avenue to Alburnett Road.


Corridor Management Plan

Updated in 2019

Details: The Corridor Management Plan, originally completed in 2010 by the Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
and updated in 2019, includes development concepts for the Tower Terrace Road Corridor. The plan provides a vision of local development. For more information visit the Corridor MPO website.


Design Concepts

2018 - 2020

Details: The design process involves intense collaboration between city representatives, Anderson Bogert, and the residents of the Tower Terrace Road Corridor who are most impacted by the project. Efforts are taken to develop design solutions that will meet the needs of growth in the area while protecting the interests of those who already reside in the corridor.

Environmental Process

2017 - 2020

Details: As the design concepts for the project are finalized, the potential environmental impact of the project is carefully studied and evaluated. This process is crucial to the progress of future phases of the Tower Terrace Road project. This part of the Federal Aid process requires a more detailed review of the project impacts at the State and Federal levels. Alternatives and mitigation of environmental impacts are developed and public involvement are included. The Environmental Assessment started in January 2017,  and final State and Federal sign off anticipated in 2019/2020.

In Process

Phase 1 Design

2019 - 2021

Details: Phase 1 includes Tower Terrace Road generally from Summerset Avenue through the C Avenue Intersection. Phase 1 of the project will be designed in conjunction with development in the area. For more information please refer to current project designs.


Phase 2 Design

2019 - 2021

Details: Phase 2 includes Tower Terrace Road generally from C Avenue to Alburnett Road. Phase 2 may be bid and constructed before Phase 1, depending on the pace of right-of-way acquisition.

Right-of-Way Acquisition for Phases 1 & 2

2020 - 2021

Details: Once the final designs of the project are completed for Phase 1 and Phase 2, the necessary right-of-way will be identified and acquired. A public information meeting will be held before the start of right-of-way acquisition. The right-of-way acquisition process generally takes approximately a year.


In the Future

Final Plans for Phases 1 & 2

2020 - 2021

Details: Final plans will be developed after right-of-way negotiations are complete.  


Possible Bid of Phases 1 & 2


Details: At the completion of the designs for Phases 1 and 2, the project will enter the bidding phase. A contractor will be selected and a final, detailed construction schedule will be developed with the contractor.