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ABOUT Tower Terrace Road (C Avenue to Alburnett Rd.)​

Tower Terrace Road, from C Ave. to Alburnett Road, is a critical connector that runs east to west. Ultimately, the project will connect to elements that stretch from Interstate 380 at Hiawatha and Cedar Rapids to Highway 13 on the east side of Marion. Tower Terrace Road stands to become an important commercial corridor that will promote sustainable development and help the surrounding communities become stronger.


Planners for Linn County and four surrounding communities—including Cedar Rapids and Marion—laid the groundwork for the project decades ago. Tower Terrace Road is designed to serve as a crosstown route that provides access to an area with a projected population grown of 40,000 by the year 2040. For more informaition on the planning and history of Tower Terrace Road, please visit the Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization's website.


The corridor plans to accommodate the projected 19,000–20,000 vehicles per day that may come to rely on it through the use of roundabouts—sometimes called rotaries or traffic circles. The road will also incorporate two-lane sections, many of which have been designed to allow for expansion into four lanes without disturbing the properties that border them.

In 2014, the Cedar Rapids Council Infrastructure committee recommended the hiring of Anderson Bogert Engineers and Surveyors to provide preliminary design services and assist with the property acquisition that the project required. Since that time, Anderson Bogert has been working in conjunction with HR Green Co. to advance the project toward completion (see schedule).


These firms are dedicated to involving the public in the design process and providing project information that is easily accessible. Public participation has been helpful, and the City values all of the input provided. Through coordination with the public the City plans to address:

  • The safety of local children both while the project is underway and after its completion

  • Storm sewer and runoff concerns that affect the area

  • Noise screening and buffering measures along the traffic corridor

  • Cut-through traffic in the neighbors affected by the project

  • Road and intersection alignment along Tower Terrace Road

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